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Untangle Your Codebase with Probot LLC

We help leading financial and technology firms untangle codebase complexity, so it can be understood incrementally. This lets you delete unused code and test the rest.

Contact us before your next rewrite!

Empowering Rapid and Reliable Software Development

At Probot LLC, we provide topological analysis of your dependency graph to help you manage code complexity with ease. We're here to help you deploy code changes rapidly with well-founded confidence.

Dependency Structure Matrices

We use Dependency Structure Matrices to understand the topology of your codebase and trace SDLC causality.


We can help you build and deploy applications reliably and reproducibly, so you can pinpoint cause of failure before it impacts your customers or goes live in the markets.

Test Engineering

We offer comprehensive Test Engineering services to rapidly deliver code changes with confidence.

Vulnerability Analysis

We can help you prevent experimental and test code reaching production. We've seen hundreds of millions of competitors' dollars lost by skipping this.

Comprehensive SDLC Solutions

We provide unparalleled technology solutions that are both reliable and efficient. Our services include review of codebase topology, deployment processes and testing processes to radically cut down what can slip through.

Don't get stuck with fragile code that everyone is afraid to change.

Whether you need to rapidly add features, improve runtime performance or migrate technologies, we'll help you make your code testable and adaptable.

Benefit from more than 10 years of top hedge fund, investment bank, big tech and crypto SDLC optimization experience.

Example client results


Faster bug detection


PR gate speed-up


Lines removed


Classes untangled

2 yrs

Without a hotfix

Ready to Transform Your Codebase?

At Probot LLC, we're here to help you manage your codebase with ease. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business!

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